La ville au 12 collines

“Spectaculaire par son étendue au-delà des 12 collines sur lesquelles elle est construite, elle déborde de vie dans ses marchés colorés, ses édifices à colonnes, ses vérandas…”

The descriptions of Antananarivo I read online before I got here made me wonder what this city could actually be like. The crossroads of Asia and Africa? French legacy? 12 hills? Who knew all that would come together in a city with a unique beauty unlike any other place in the world.

It didn’t take me long to discover the beauty of Antananarivo. More content about life and work soon, I promise. For now, enjoy a little taste of some of the views from my new home.

I love all the coloured houses on the hills.


Lac Anosy. Even though Mada is an island, its huge!! and Antananarivo is located right in the middle.. so this is the extent of my exposure to any body of water.


“this is our Hollywood” my friend told me. So random! Apparently letters go missing every so often (they were missing an R for about a year after a cyclone and recently replaced it).


Antananarivo – the city on 12 hills and therefore, so many places to get a view of the entire city.




Not a bad place to watch the sun set 🙂



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One thought on “La ville au 12 collines

  1. Kavitha

    What a beautiful city!

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